self storage tips

Self Storage Tips

Are you looking for a smooth self storage experience? New Market Mini Storage is your go-to storage facility in the New Market, MD, area for affordable storage units and professional assistance. We’ve compiled our top packing and self storage tips to help you maximize your rental space and stay organized along the way. Begin your storage journey with New Market Mini Storage today!

Self Storage Tips for Finding Space & Packing

Choose the Proper Unit & Facility

When you have a lot of self storage options in the area, how do you choose a storage facility—and more specifically the right storage units—to house your belongings?

We recommend that you start by searching for self storage near your home, work, business, or regular commutes. Convenience is just as important as the quality of product and service.

Weigh the pros and cons of each storage solution to see which type of unit best fits your needs. For example, drive-up storage containers make loading from your car easy, but indoor units offer temperature regulation to protect against weather damage. You should select a unit based on the needs of what you’ll be storing, so research thoroughly before making your choice.

Visit New Market Mini Storage to start organizing your items today. Located in New Market, MD, this storage facility serves the New Market, Frederick, Mount Airy, and Monrovia areas. Read more about our storage facility’s specific features, and use our storage calculator to figure out what size storage unit you should rent.

Tips for Packing Boxes 

1. Prepping for Packing Success

To ensure your items stay protected while in storage, take care of them as you’re packing. Delicate items need more padding, like bubble wrap, newspaper, or old towels. Pick up packing supplies at the New Market Mini Storage office today!

Talk with our storage experts to clear up any questions you may have before renting storage. Check our self storage FAQ for instant answers.

2. Pack a Strong Foundation in Boxes & Lighter Items on Top

Begin by packing heavier objects at the bottom of each box or storage container, and then move up to lighter items. This prevents containers from collapsing under the weight. It also keeps boxes from getting too heavy. You want to maintain manageable weights, especially if you are anticipating moving them again from storage in the near future.

3. Cleaning Is Key

Don’t skip the cleaning step before packing! A quick wipe-down of your belongings goes a long way in protecting them during storage. Dust, dirt, and grime can attract pests or cause damage over time. Cover appliances, tools, and electronics with cloth to prevent dust buildup. Most importantly, address any moisture issues. Remove any moisture to avoid damage or bad odors.

4. Keep Items Airtight

Airtight packing protects your belongings from pests and moisture. Items like antiques, clothing, tech devices, and papers benefit from this type of storage.

Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit

1. Optimized Your Storage Unit with a Planned Layout

Efficient packing makes accessing stored items easier. Leave space down the center of your unit to see and reach everything in each corner. Group similar items together so you know where to look for them alter—for example, all winter clothes in one area or kitchen appliances together. All your valuables and most sentimental pieces should be carefully tucked away in the back of your unit. If you plan to stop into your unit regularly, keep frequently needed items near the entrance for quick retrieval.

2. Maximize Your Entire Storage Space

Utilize your storage unit by using every inch, even vertically. If your items and boxes allow, stack them safely with the heaviest on the bottom and lighter ones on top. You can bring in shelves to create more structure for stacking.

3. What Not to Store

Avoid storing perishables (food attracts pests), flammables (paint thinners, etc. are a safety hazard), living things (plants and animals need special environments), valuables (cash, important documents), perishables (medications, oil-based paints are temperature sensitive), or illegal items. View a more complete list at


Vehicle Storage Tips for Short-term & Long-term Care

Storing your car for a while? Here’s a quick rundown to keep it happy until you need it again.

Change the oil for a fresh start, then fill the gas tank (but not all the way) and add a fuel stabilizer to fight off gunk. Wash and wax your car inside and out for cleanliness, and don’t forget to properly inflate the tires. To avoid a dead battery, consider a battery maintainer if you have power access. Park in gear with wheel chocks, not the parking brake. Depending on your storage situation, cracked windows can help with ventilation, but be mindful of dust or pests.

Finally, a breathable car cover is your shield against dust, dirt, and sun damage. By following these tips, your car will be ready to hit the road again when you are. Find more vehicle storage tips from Kelley Blue Book.


New Market Mini Storage: Your Local Self Storage Experts

Now that you have have a good starting point for your next storage project, turn to New Market Mini Storage to simplify the process. We offer both indoor storage units and drive-up storage units, so all your needs are taken of. Prioritize convenience, find temperature control for items that need it, and choose from a wide variety of storage unit sizes. We also have covered and uncovered parking spots for your RV, boat, and vehicle storage needs. Call or email our storage facility today, or visit us in person to chat with our team of storage experts at New Market Mini Storage in New Market, MD!